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I put on my rubber gloves and slipped back into the role of insect physiologist for about an hour today.  A graduate student that Mike and I are co-advising is doing some research on the effect of rice insecticides on crawfish.  Srinivas is recording mortality in the field (at the rice station in Crowley).  Hes is also studying the effect of insecticides on the crawfish internal organs.  We had a little dissection lesson today.  Wow, dissecting a crawfish is so much easier than my USDA job where I dissected the brains out of ticks.  The large size of the crawfish makes this job pretty easy.  The ticks I used to dissect, all day long, were smaller than the eye of this crawfish. 

The inside view of a crawfish, before it is boiled.

Interestingly, that orange-yellow structure (that I always thought was fat body) is the tasty part if you like to “suck the head” when eating crawfish.  In fact, that is not fat body, but is called the hepatopancreas.  If you’d like me to label the rest of the structures, send me a message and I’ll add the labels.


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