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On Friday we met with Stuart Gauthier and Alden Horton to scout for adult rice water weevils at the Vermilion Parish water-seeded test site.  This field is making good progress, and has an excellent stand, for the most part.  

We have a healthy water-seeded stand of rice.

  One of the high parts of the field had poor emergence due to a combination of dry soil and water mold. 

Standing in the thin stand of the field and looking to the nicely growing portion.

Some of the seeds germinated and then dried-out.

The un-emerged seeds, with the dark brown ring around them, were killed by water mold.

We visited the field to make a decision about rww insecticide applications.  We scouted ten sites in the field for the presence of rice water weevil adults and feeding scars.  We did not find any rww adults or feeding scars.  The decision at this time was to hold off on an insecticide application and scout again for adults or scarring before the final application of newpath on Friday.


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